About GrowthBank

We've researched the most effective content on the internet and used AI to make content marketing easier.

From freelancers to in-house teams, GrowthBank allows content marketers to create more content while still adhering to their core values.

Why do we do it?

GrowthBank is certain that everyone has the potential to write great content for their business.

Sometimes, we all need a helping hand or an extra push to come up with something brilliant when faced with a blank page.

Our mission is to help brands create amazing content that brings in new customers, builds relationships, and increases revenue. We aim to revolutionize the content marketing industry by making it easier for businesses of all sizes to create and distribute impactful content.

How it all began...

It's a funny story really... In 2021, our founder released a library of resources, standard operating procedures and tools for sales and marketing teams. With hundreds of processes from setting up Google Analytics to full-blown sales playbooks, GrowthBank was positioned to be the largest collection of digital marketing and sales resources in the world. Richard included the Content Idea Generator in GrowthBank because he was often feeling uninspired when it came to creating content for his agency. This little tool helped him generate ideas quickly for his blog and social media posts. So Richard, bundled it into GrowthBank for free so subscribers didn't have to feel stuck like Richard used to.

Richard and the team quickly noticed that, after releasing the content idea generator to GrowthBank subscribers, it was being used more frequently than any other resource. They thought about how they could evolve this tool beyond a mere generator of ideas, and have the ability to write full-length articles and long-format social media content.

During his research, Richard found many great AI tools out there but found all these tools created copy that felt very robotic and inauthentic. And, while being the author and leader of the Always Be Human movement, this just didn't sit right.

So Richard went on a learning spree to see how he could make this product indistinguishable from human-written content. He analyzed blog posts from top-performing websites on the internet and taught the AI how to deconstruct each section to create a map of how a top-performing article is typically put together. Next, he looked to the top influencers on social media and taught the AI how to mimic their style and voice. He also joined forces with some of the best copywriters, designers, and developers in the industry to help him build out GrowthBank's features.

With all of this knowledge, Richard was able to take the GPT-3 engine and create what is now GrowthBank, the first AI-assisted content marketing platform that gives users the ability to brainstorm, ideate, and create the most impactful content for their business in minutes.

But we're not done yet... GrowthBank is constantly evolving and adding new features to help users create even more amazing content. We have a team of brilliant writers, designers, and developers who are always working on new ways to make the platform even better.


POC Launched

June 2021

The first version of GrowthBank was designed as a library of resources and standard operating procedures for marketing & sales teams. A simple content idea generator was added to assist business owners with generating ideas for the blog.

GrowthBank MVP

August 2021

After a few months of development and testing, the GrowthBank MVP was released. This version included tools for content strategy, writing articles and social media posts.

GrowthBank 1.0

November 2021

After continued development and feedback from users, GrowthBank 1.0 was released with even more features, additional writing frameworks, and tools to help users create high-quality content.

GrowthBank 2.0

June 2022

The latest version of GrowthBank, released in June 2022, includes a host of new features and improvements, such as the ability to generate video scripts, video sales letters, and more.

What's next?

There is no plan of slowing down, there are constantly more advances in artificial intelligence and we want to stay ahead of the curve. We are also working on new features and improvements that will be released later this year.

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